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The Phoenix Pet and Wildlife Sanctuary (formerly PAWS) is staffed by two dedicated people with over sixty combined years experience in animal care covering most species. The Sanctuary grew out of our concern over the rising tide of cruelty, and the vanishing hedgerows and countryside that is destroying the native habitats of our wildlife.


Registered Non-Profit making Organisation, No. 4914413 (Est. 29.09.03)


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The ordeal the sanctuary and ourselves are experiencing continues as we still do not know where we will be living, or if we will actually even have a roof over our heads soon! This is very stressful and we try constantly not to convey this to our residents, animals and birds are very sensitive to such things.  It is so hard trying to carry on as normal while all this upheaval hangs over us.  Probably the worst year we have ever experienced.  Something like a cross between The Twilight Zone and Groundhog Day!

And we have now been told that once the cottage is renovated, we would need to apply via an agent, like everyone else, and no guarantees.  We therefore desperately need to raise the funds to get a cabin on to our paddock, connected to the services (water/sewage/electricity) to have any chance of survival!   

Thanks to help from a very good amazing friend we now have several possibly exciting things in the pipeline – facebook pages with links to further funding appeals  – in addition to our original appeal at, see details of these above, and our appeal page following.  We sincerely thank those who have already donated and truly hope before long we will have achieved those funds to secure the future of the Phoenix and the lives of our residents plus the many others we can help in future.  Please do share the details of these appeals with as many as possible so we can maximise the results. We have also been contacting various animal loving celebrities asking them to do so too as they will have thousands of followers.  

In addition to all this we had a week of plumbing problems starting with discovering a leak in a pipe under the kitchen sink unit.  Paul had to sit up all night, stay awake, wringing out a towel soaking up the water, every ten minutes to prevent a flood.  That was repaired next day but then the main tank was not refilling.  Yet another problem, the valve was corroded and blocked, that was fixed, then water to the upstairs taps and toilet cistern wasn't coming through. Eventually that was sorted but it all took a week in total.

Sadly we have now had one awful tragic possible casualty of all this, our much loved raven, Bramble, had a really funny turn we are sure was a stroke and passed away next day.  Absolutely devastating and we wonder if such a highly intelligent bird picked up on the ghastly stress we have now been under for six months.  What damage could this be causing our future health? While some stress may be good for us, it is known long term extreme stress like this is very damaging.

We have successfully saved a little Dunnock rescued from a cat and now released, plus have released Henge, a wood pigeon we hand reared.  Sadly his sibling, Spinney cannot be released as he has only one eye, a deformed wing, and a twisted beak.  Henge was ready to go, wood pigeons can be tricky in captivity although we find those with problems flying etc, do seem to accept captivity very well.  It was such a joy to see Henge take off, soar up into the sky and fly off.

Sadly we could not save another rescue, a dear little fox cub, about three weeks of age, found on the side of the road, probably hit by a car, by a kind lady who brought her to us because she did not want her to die there.  Such a sweet cub, I cuddled her for ages and she looked at me the whole time.  At one point reaching out a tiny paw to me.  Paul took her to our vet to see if anything could be done.  There was nothing, she had several broken ribs, one of which had pierced a lung, euthanasia was the kindest option.  Paul brought her back and we buried her in our paddock memorial garden with a little purple fluffy ball.  A little life so cruelly taken, as so many fox cubs actually end up, never reaching their first birthday.

We have also taken in a young jackdaw, Titus, rescued from being attacked by some geese, when laying, geese are very protective and won't tolerate anything.  Plus another couple of pigeons, Fig was released, but Olive has a head problem so is now happily living with Sidney.

Just a few photos this time with so much else going on.

Our grateful thanks to all our wonderful supporters and the messages of support we have already received.   More (positive) news from the sanctuary soon we hope.

Registered Non-Profit making Organisation, No. 4914413 (Est. 29.09.03)