The Phoenix Pet and Wildlife Sanctuary (formerly PAWS) is staffed by two dedicated people with over sixty combined years of experience in animal care covering most species.  The Sanctuary grew out of our concern over the rising tide of cruelty, and the vanishing hedgerows and countryside that is destroying the native habitats of our wildlife.
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This has been a while in getting done regretfully because we suffered a shock in February and have been processing things since.

 We began the year full of hope, surely now we could progress well with a new decent property (the novelty of having proper heating and hot water! Yes we were living with that lack as well as black and white mould plus extensive damp!) but unfortunately fate had other ideas! Following my first six monthly blood test, I was told my markers were elevated and my June CT scan was brought forward to the end of January.  This was followed by a consultation in February where we learned I have a metastasis on my liver!  An enormous shock and very hard to take after all we have endured the previous three years!
Since then I have had an MRI and a PET scan, these to show if there were any more and the extent of the liver one.  If lucky, just the one and chance of a further operation, course of Chemo or both, but if there were more, then all I will be offered is palliative care!  Certainly not the start here we expected or wanted.  Very difficult to cope with and to process, plus uncertainty until the scan results are in and we had a further consultation to learn which it will be.  
Two other sites flagged up as suspicious, but thankfully further investigations gave these the all clear.  I am now referred to the Bristol Royal Infirmary for the liver as they have an expert team, and Yeovil does not.  I have now had a lot of further scans, tests and assessments to see if they think I am fit enough for the surgery that will remove a quarter of my liver.  At the moment it is a waiting game until the surgeon and team decide.  More stress and yet another battle to fight! All positive thoughts will be very welcome.
That is the horrible bit over.  Glad to say all the animals are doing well including those that had to be relocated from the previous cottage, probably doing far better actually than having to live with damp and mould!  Still an enormous amount to do with all the things we had to move in a hurry round to the paddock and the debris from the old roof (we shaved off a bit of the cost by agreeing to dispose of it ourselves) but with that and other work being done, we can hopefully continue with that.  The paddock is therefore a work in progress and will for some time with so much to deal with.  The plan is to create a mini orchard at one end so we have plenty of fruit, and vegetables, for the residents, plus a complete revamp right through. We also need to get a water supply installed. 
Even better news, our elderly stable now has a completely new roof! We finally found a decent contractor who could do the job quickly due to a cancellation and offered a reasonable price with guarantees.  Plus, thank goodness for insurance, the bulk of the costs was covered.  We were a bit under insured so had to find the balance, any help with that gratefully accepted, but it was all done before Eunice struck – my goodness what a storm!  It was one of the worst we have seen but luckily we had no damage, I think the old roof would have gone, so bad was it, but the goats etc were snug and protected with the new roof.  Such a relief.  Now that is done the rest of the stable needs a lot of work and repair.
Although having to concentrate on our residents we have been able to take in some birds needing help, but until I am through this latest battle, we do have to curtail our operation a little.  But as always we can help by suggesting other shelters etc where necessary, and sometimes folk just need some advice.  We would say when finding an injured animal or bird, the best first call if possible, should be to a vet, and some will treat wildlife for free, the good ones anyway. It is better for the animal who may well be traumatised too, to get speedy attention. Some large shelters have their own resident or on call vet, unfortunately we do not so if something we cannot deal with ourselves may mean unfortunate delay. 
Given the cost of living plus the necessary work needed, our brilliant technical chap has set up a new appeal, please see the link below.  Of course, direct donations to our new address are always welcome, Made out to 'Friends of PAWS'.  I will print the address again here: 74 Steppes Meadow, Martock, Somerset. TA12 6EN.  Many thanks to our regular supporters and all who have donated.
On a sad note, I have written previously about Robert the Allotment cat and the wonderful books created by Nick Mays, a new one is out now and well worth buying – see pic later.  Early in April a dog on the allotment pulled free and Robert, who liked dogs and got on with them, was sadly killed.  A terrible accident and a great loss of a very wise cat, much more than a cat,  Robert brought people together and headed a successful campaign for the allotments.  I also recommend 'Robert A Cat who Tweets',  two books now about all the lovely allotment cats and their humans – all books available from Amazon.  We also thank the lovely folk who follow Robert for their support.  I am glad to say Robert's tortie friend, Dorothy, now does the tweets so there is still daily news and photos from the allotments/  
Some good news, there is a new Renters Reform Bill which gives privates renters a lot more clout, not only does this long overdue reform sweep away the uncertainty many face but it gives the right to have a pet.  This should mean less elderly cats and dogs ending up confused and in shelters, plus less distressed people losing family pets. Landlords have had it all their own way for too long, the tide is turning at last, thankfully.  Other measures ensure homes are properly maintained by private landlords, if only this had been in place at our previous abode!
We are up to date now and maybe soon, hopefully, there will be better news, meanwhile some photos follow:
Nemos family photos
Remembering Ebony
Meet some more of our residents
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